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Support Offices

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US Company

( Hestia Robotics Inc)

EU Distribution

​(SAS Halmatix)

International Support Center


133 E Comstock Dr, Suite 2, Chandler, AZ 85225



75008 PARIS



Avenue, Ground Floor, Plaza De Corazon Holy Angel University, #1 Holy Angel St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines

R&D Office


Robotic R&D Office in Fudan Research Institute:

209, Building 21, Creative Valley, # 1889 Huandao East Road, Hengqin ,Zhuhai City, 519031

Assembling Factory


West Building, No. 999, Zhongfa Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

​About Us

HESTIA ROBOTICS GROUP is a next-generation robotics startup consisted of several companies locating worldwide, including Hestia Robotics Inc in the United States, Hestia Robotics (Zhuhai Hengqin) Co., Ltd in China, and SAS Halmatix in France. Our solutions for COFFEE ROBOT are built on decades of innovation from top University with world-renowned management philosophy, profound culture of invention and risk-taking, and relentless focus on customer relationships.

HESTIA ROBOTICS is a product of the scientific research achievements of Fudan University Research Institute in the field of robotics and machine vision, aiming to be the leader in creating solutions for businesses in the Catering Industry. In partnership with Fudan University, we are jointly establishing a robotics R&D laboratory and doctoral workstation to further strengthen the iteration of technology.


We are composed of talents from Fudan University, Harvard University, Tsinghua University, New York University, Macau University, Tongji University and other world-renowned universities. The company’s DNA of grassroots innovation, ingrained culture of co-innovation, and the tradition of striving for breakthrough and exceeding expectations to create more customer value can clearly demonstrate our extraordinary nature and bring the inherent advantage in providing advanced robotics and automated solutions globally.

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