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The most advanced fully automated café system.

Hestia Robotics provides a turnkey coffee robot business technology

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Coffee Robot C1 PRO

Coffee Robot C1 PRO is the newest product developed based on our experience in robotics technology from 11 generations of  Coffee Robot. Compared with the our old models, the C1 Pro has double the cup capacity, much faster preparation speed and an incredible menu of 200+ coffee variations. The C1 Pro not only provide coffee menu with different milk options  (i.e. oat, almond milk) , but also chocolate menu. 

Starting in 2024 we will start supporting a delicious and novel menu: Cold Brew, Matcha Latte and Chai Tea.

CoffeeRobot-Touchscreen and C1 Pro Left Side.png

Coffee Robot brings consistent experience in terms of quality but is flexible enough to allow users have so many options. Our technology reduces labor costs while giving high quality barista-level service – 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Product Series


Coffee Robot K2

(Not available since 2023)

24/7 fully automated robot barista

C1 PRO Front with QR Scanner.png

Coffee Robot C1 PRO

Available Version: 105B and 105E

Our Robot Barista with excellent speed, more coffee variations, and designed based on NAMA and ADA standards


Bubble Tea Robot B1

Bubble Tea Robot offering hundreds of flavors

Coming soon
CR Feature1.png

Fully Automated Service

Full robot Barista service brings consistent yet nouveau coffee experience


Customizable Coffee Flavors

Everyone can create

and store personalized coffee flavors and settings


Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Customizable deals for

loyal customers

and VIPs


Order Coffee In Advance

APP-driven interface

allows for booking your

coffee orders ahead of time

Deployment Options For Coffee Robot


Transportation Hubs

Airport, railway station, bus station, ship terminal...


Retail and Business Centers

Shopping mall, business center, corporate park...


Select locations

Coffee shop, pedestrian street, restaurant, office ...

Software is eating the world, it’s turn for café!

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